Mahonia – the holly and the house

Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

It’s not really a grape, though you can make it into jelly and it comes in colors from orange to red to purple.  It’s a little prickly, but it’s the state flower of Oregon, even though its flowers aren’t exactly gigantic.  Mahonia looks like the holly you see at Christmastime, and it likes the same kind of climate as its more famous lookalike.

Mahonia is the scientific term for a kind of barberry that grows in the Beaver State, and Mahonia Hall is the name given to its official Governor’s Mansion


150 years of statehood

millmuseumAs teachers and leaders came up with ways to celebrate the  Oregon sesquicentennial, local historians joined in with a project to remember high points in the history of Marion County. 

After all, it’s in the heart of the state, it’s rich in farming, industry, timber, river navigation and other elements key to the history and present life of Oregon. 

Marion County Historical Society Director Amy Vandegrift began working with researcher Diane Lewison Anderson and producer Stella Shaffer to create a series of vignettes — short articles on the history of the county — and to have them aired on a local radio station. 

The Marion County Minutes were a big hit:  a sponsor offered to support the broadcasts, the features were extended and renewed again, and are set to run not just for a few weeks but until the end of the year. 

Here are notes on the features, and links that will let you hear the Marion County Minute historical vignettes.  Special thanks to Bob Buck of KBZY Radio for production help.